Thursday, May 15, 2014

Yes, some home sales can go smoothly in every way - such as 2008 N. Rose in Burbank

This is 2008 N. Rose in Burbank and it closed last week for $515,000 after listing for $505,000.  My seller, Laura, had just retired and wished to move out of the area.  She had kept the house up nicely and had remodeled the kitchen and baths.  The buyers are a young couple and this is their first home.  Everybody moved through the escrow very smoothly and we faced no big hurdles.  Yes, that's a surprise to me, too! East West Bank did a very impressive job at getting the appraisal done, getting the loan documents early, and closing the loan right on time.  I will miss Laura, and I wish the buyers lots of luck.

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  1. I hear far too much negative on the subject of home buying and selling. It's always nice to hear of a home sale going as smoothly as it possibly could. The property in that picture looks very nice. I'm glad it worked out well for everyone involved.
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