Friday, December 27, 2013

Happy post-Xmas, and Big Bear, CA

Happy post Xmas and on to New Years, everybody. We just returned from a few days at a cabin in Big Bear, CA. Ever thought of buying property there and living, sorta, "off the grid"? There are a ton of r.e. offices, naturally, so there must be lots of homes, condos and cabins for sale. The mountains are lovely, the lake is beautiful and there are year-round outdoor recreation opportunities. There was even some snow, although the south of the state is really dry this time of year. But that's it. The town is cute but touristy, the restaurants don't offer much variety -- and are expensive. There aren't any real bears. And for culture or a variety of opportunities? Doesn't seem like there's much. However, if all you like to do is hole up in a cute cabin or A-frame and "cocoon" maybe Big Bear is for you. (We certainly enjoyed the solitude.) You'll need a four-wheel drive and you'll need to like cold weather. Forget mid-century modern architecture, Starbucks and EMO. The good news is that L.A. is only 2 hours away; Palm Springs is even closer.

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