Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Real estate in Spain

Just what you wanted to know -- how's the real estate market in Spain?  Well, since I was there last week I'm able to tell you.  The Spanish economy is not good.  Unemployment is really, really high and of course the Spanish are experiencing somewhat of the same kind of real estate market that we did in 2008+.  A lot of smaller areas have new developments that are unsold and, in some cases, not even finished.  The picture above is of a town in Don Quixote country.

...But of course, in the highly desirable centers of the bigger cities, premium apartments and homes in the bigger cities are going up in price.  Sound familiar?

But what of all those lovely character homes in the centers of the old cities? Wouldn't it just be fabulous to own one of those? Apparently, nobody wants them.  There is no place to park.  The streets are just a few feet wide.  (Imagine trying to get your brand-new front-loading washer dryer set delivered.)  All electrical wiring is on the outside of the building.  It's a real problem to get anything fixed as the municipalities won't let you make changes to the outside of the residential buildings.  Sellers have to hang for-sale signs from their windows as there are no yards to put posts in (see above).  So as interesting as this all was, I think I'll stick to San Fernando Valley real estate for now.

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