Monday, February 18, 2013

Record-breaking crowd at yesterday's open house

I counted over 200 people at yesterday's open house at 1122 N. Cordova in Burbank.  This is a record for an open house of mine. (Previous record was 135 last summer.) This is due to the still-low interest rates and the shortage of inventory.  Yes, the property has offers on it.


  1. Anonymous9:21 AM

    Its probably because there was an open house in the next town of Toluca lake offering a regular sale non short sale and not an reo for 350k when the comps in that neighborhood is 500k and up. When i drove by there was 200 people there before the doors even opened. They probably all got frustrated and went to a city where their price range was more realistic. Besides, a 3 bedroom isnt a 3 bedroom if you have to walk thru one to get to the master. And 535k Judy? I dont think so!!!

  2. Oh my, somebody is a cranky pants today! But just to clarify: tax assessor and the city of Burbank say that the house has 3 bedrooms. Oh, and $350k hasn't been realistic for a house in Burbank, let alone Toluca Lake, for many moons now.