Sunday, December 09, 2012

1429 N. Rose in Burbank has closed...and for a pretty high price

Little Rae and Gus's house is no longer on the market. It has sold to a wonderful young couple, Jesse and Julie.  Rae and Gus (short for Agnes) are on their way to the Midwest with their parents to start a new life there and all four of them will be really missed -- yes, sometimes I can get really attached to my clients. Happy trails, guys!

The transaction went well, thanks to everybody on both sides and buyer's agent Justin Bunch.  The house did take longer than "usual" to get into escrow as we had it listed pretty high at first, but then we lowered the price.  It closed at $486k after having originally been listed at $495k and getting lowered to $479k.  Sigh. I love these kinds of successful outcomes in real estate.

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