Friday, April 08, 2011

Talk about real estate! The fattest cat on caravan, and maybe even in all of Burbank

In addition to being a Realtor, I’m also a crazy cat lady. (My husband and I own only four cats.  We’re “holding” at four.  It is hard.)  During yesterday’s Burbank broker caravan, I met the fattest cat I've ever seen.  That’s him, above, in all his glory.  He could be a she (I didn’t ask), lives on Sparks Ave. and must weigh at least 35 lbs.  If he was any bigger, his parents would need to pay L.A. County property taxes on him.  He was a very sweet, friendly open house host.  This is good, because it’s not like he could have hidden anywhere. His/her belly drags on the ground, and needs to lose 20 lbs, at least, to be healthy.  Either that, or this kitty needs to be carried everywhere.  This amount of excess weight is as bad for cats as it is for people.  I’m sure this kitty’s parents know this.  Yes, I’ll have more about the houses I saw in another post, but couldn't resist letting you know about this wonder.

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