Saturday, January 15, 2011

Homes in Burbank between $425k and $455k

I case you're wondering about the selection of 3 bedroom Burbank homes and condos in the $425,000-$450,000 price range, I just showed several. Here's my opinion.
1225 Frederic - approved short sale in a nice neighborhood. House looks like somebody tried to flip it and ran out of money. The front needs work, there's a one-car garage, and the pool has not been maintained and is a yucky green color. Kitchen is nice, though.
2268 Ontario - regular sale in this planned unit development across from Yahoo. Each house is a stand-alone with no common walls, but no yard either. The complex was built in 2001 and each unit is very spacious, with a modern layout.
1523 Valley - close to North Hollywood, and its a regular sale. Lots of improvements but the kitchen is small. It looks like it has been added on to several times over the years. Huge yard with pool.
4268 Kling - (pictured above) I love this complex (each unit has its own 2-car garage) because it's so well-maintained and in such a nice area. This unit is a particularly good deal for the complex and the kitchen has been redone.
1211 W. Orange Grove - this foreclosure is right across from Disney school. Looks okay from the outside, a little cobbled together on the inside. Big, green backyard. May be another flip where the owners ran out of money.

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