Friday, October 15, 2010

1809 Peyton in Burbank closes today

1809 Peyton is a condo complex in Burbank.  My buyer client Steven has been in escrow on a unit there for four months.  Kudos to Steven and lender Dana Dukelow for hanging in and making this FHA sale happen -- and getting the entire building approved for FHA loans! -- in spite of:
  • A previous denial of FHA eligibility on the building,
  • An HOA management company that sent incorrect documentation to FHA,
  • A title company that sent incorrect info to FHA,
  • A lengthy approval process at Prospect Mortgage,
  • Complete and total lack of cooperation from the listing agent (but am I bitter? oh noooo) (see previous post about the seller who never got the buyer's request for repairs)
  • An escrow officer who disappeared for several days during the closing procedure and left the work to an unlicensed Realtor assistant, and more.
Steven, I wish you much success and happiness in your new home!

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