Wednesday, September 01, 2010

No Lock Box-No Show!

This is a great post from colleague Stephen Munson regarding lockboxes.  I especially like Stephen's timeline.  And Westside agents, I know it's an additional expense, but please get a keypad if you'd like to show homes in the San Fernando Valley -- it will be SO much easier for you to show property there!
No Lock Box-No Show!I can't tell you how crazy it makes me trying to show properties in this market when there is no lock box on the home! In Los Angeles, The West Side is one of the last remain areas that has fallen waaay behind the times in their real estate practice of no-lock boxes. I can understand "high end" or "high profile" properties being an exception to having a lock box installed but please, don't you want to sell the house?
Today's lock boxes are so sophisticated that they track every agent that's been in the home. So if there's an issue, you can call that agent back.
Most of my business is in the San Fernando Valley and San Gabriel Valley so it's not a huge deal here. But I will tell you, if I have a buyer and we are looking at properties, the homes with no lock box are at the back of the line and often not seen. There's just too much too look at an not enough time trying to coordinate schedules with Listing agents and sellers.
I can show 6-7 properties within 2 hours in the valley vs. 2-3 properties in the same time frame on the West Side of LA!
I've asked the agents who refuse to put lock boxes on why they still practice this ancient "no-Lock box" protocol and they tell me they want to be there to "sell" the home. That in itself is almost as deadly as having the seller present at the showings (which happens a lot in these "no-Lock Box " listings). I'm not talking about you of course so don't worry!
Arguments FOR a Lock Box:
  • Make your home/listing as easy as possible to show. If it's easy for the agent, it's easy for that qualified buyer!
  • Often times buyer make only 1 or 2  rounds of showings, make sure yours in that first round!
  • Remember, most lock boxes are very sophisticated and will track all traffic in and out of the home.
  • Easy access is as important as the photos or description of your home.
I do understand the need for "appointments only" in the high end and high profile properties, but please, let's step in into the current decade, get with the program and sell your home/listing now!

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