Wednesday, June 09, 2010

How'd I miss this great blog about Burbank?

Burbank, California -- this is the title of a great new blog that I've just learned about.  I'm not sure who is writing this, but it has lots of great insider information on the workings of Burbank.  Scroll down to June 2009 and find out the real reason the former fire chief and police chiefs are no longer with us.  I don't mean to make this sound like Perez Hilton, Burbank style -- the blog has a very thoughtful, journalistic approach to reporting and stories that you won't read in the Burbank Leader.


  1. Judy, I'm sorry, but if you call Jim's blog "journalism" then I thank you for making sure that I never do business with you. His obvious bias, slant, and lack of respect for facts is disgusting.

    What he prints is gossip at best. Yes he'll have some facts mixed in, but 99% of the time, he's printing his own assumptions as truth, and thats just scary.

    As a realtor, trying to sell property in Burbank, I would think you wouldn't want to promote someone who does nothing but complain how awful life in Burbank is. I'll be sure to let those who you're listing that you support Jim's angles.

  2. sfvrealestate10:32 AM

    Yikes, thanks for your post. As I said, I just discovered this blog. What I liked about it was the lack of rah-rah boosterism that is so prevalent in other writing about Burbank and it therefore seemed like fresh perspective. However, if I DO ever reference a particular set of facts from the blog that you know aren't true, it would be helpful if you would let me know. In the meantime, what blogs do you recommend?

  3. Guest1:53 AM

    That sounds kind of like a threat. Just because this author likes that blog? Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don't. He must have hit a nerve so maybe he's right at times.

  4. Anne V1:47 PM

    keep reading that blog and you will find that Semi absolutely HATES everything in Burbank, including those greedy Realtors. He relishes the negative side of any story and loves it when something happens that he can rant and rave about. As the long time respected Realtor that you are, you need to investigate things further when you recommend somthing.

  5. Anne V1:52 PM

    please don't judge Judy by her poor judgement in recommending Semi's blog. She is an excellent Realtor. I hope she will soon find out what Jim C is all about after she reads more of his rantings.