Saturday, September 05, 2009

2845 N. Lincoln has closed over asking; maybe 30 times is the charm

My listing at 2845 N. Lincoln in Burbank closed yesterday. This modest 3+1 was marketed as a light fixer and is in the excellent Jefferson elementary school district. Yes, it closed over full price -- it listed at $489,000 and sold for $520,000!

We listed it at $489,000 not because we wanted a bidding war but because that is what the comparable sales indicated the home would likely sell for. The sellers and I were very surprised to receive six offers immediately, with all but 2 offering over full price. Three of the four offers were for conventional loans with 20% down, too.

Were we worried about the appraisal? Oh yes -- but the appraisal came in at $520,000. Was I worried because Bank of America was doing the loan? Yes, but they actually managed to fund it more or less on time without too many screw ups.

And it was an incredibly smooth escrow, thanks to the sellers, buyers, buyers' agent, and our escrow officer. The buyers had made offers on 30 other houses before they got this accepted! I bet they have something to teach us about patience.

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