Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Lenders are easing up on 2nd appraisals

For awhile this summer, just about every home in escrow underwent an "appraisal review" or even second appraisal. The banks didn't trust their own first appraisals in a declining market. This was problematic in that it added extra time to the escrow process, and of course, many homes were deemed over-priced that hadn't been considered so before.

Now, lenders are easing up. Yes, there are still lots of appraisal reviews, but that's happening as a final condition before loan funding, and usually don't involve an actual second appraisal. This is great news as it removes yet another stumbling block from the process. Oh, more great news: interest rates are back below 6%. I don't know how long they'll stay that way, though.

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