Friday, August 01, 2008

School and Crime Stats in One Easy Graphic

I'm not in the habit of promoting other real estate sites, but the brand new LA Life offers something really unique. The home page has an easy-to-read chart of all crime and school statistics for all Los Angeles neighborhoods. The info is presented in a numerical format, for example, (Fill in the neighborhood here) crime 2.0, schools, 5.0. Cost-per-square-foot info immediately follows the other numbers. I assume that the school stats are from the recent API scores, and I'm not sure where the crime stats come from. In my experience, these two indicators are the most important factors buyers consider when choosing a neighborhood. I am happy to note that Burbank has a crime rating of 9 (10's the safest) and a school rating of 8.5. I can't speak about the ease of property searches there. You may just have to visit my site at for that;).
Update from the website developer: Our crime statistics come from each department and are broken down to the smallest geographic area that each department puts out stats for. For instance, the LAPD will have more precise boundaries than the Long Beach PD, because the LAPD is more open with information. We then compare the areas, adjust for population, and place them on a scale with 0 being the least safe in LA County, and 10 the most safe. You are correct that the school statistics are derived from API scores, and scaled against other LA schools as well.

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