Sunday, October 07, 2007

Pirates of the Burbankean

Aaargh! And you thought Burbank was dull. Here are shots of a full-scale pirate ship that a local property owner (Captain Hook? Captain Jack Sparrow?) on Angeleno has built in his backyard. The pictures barely capture the amazing detail. This was built probably to plunder other ships from the Burbank Maritime Provinces. Thanks, Lily, Mark and Sue!


  1. Paula Allen6:50 PM

    That's amazing! I wonder if their neighbors are nervous knowing pirates are so near by. and I wonder if all that "yo ho yo ho a pirates life for me" music is driving them mad!

  2. RDizzle2:06 AM

    Looks like the ship I saw on top of the Disney parking structure near Keystone and Riverside.

  3. whoa. And I thought I was crazy.

  4. Halloween display is my guess.

  5. About the pirate ship. I helped with it's construction. The owner always wanted a pirate ship and he was turning 50 in 2004 so he built one. All his friends helped and we have a great time adding detail year after year. He now has a tavern, dock, brothel, and faux-village to go with the ship. It was fun to get it a permit but finally got one, so it's probubly the only legal pirate ship around! He has a killer Halloween Party.