Sunday, July 17, 2011

Avast, ye landlubbers! The backstory on the Burbank backyard pirate ship

Finally, we all get to learn about the builders and owners of the Burbank backyard pirate ship.  I first blogged about the ship, Red Dragon's Revenge, about four years ago and picked up the story.  Since then, both this blog and Curbed have republished the photos. And now, Burbank Leader/Glendale News Press has the history! No link as of now, though; you'll have to get a hard copy of the paper.

The builder/owners on Angeleno street are Anne and Richard Lainhart, who "shared a love of all things scalawag and Renaissance." Richard built the ship with friends in the Angeleno street backyard. (You can't see this from the street; my pics were taken from the alley.)  City inspectors and most of the neighbors got onboard.  Richard is quoted in the article as saying that the ship is a work in progress.  It has a 27-foot mast, five sails and a below-deck galley and is dry-docked in concrete 14 feet deep.  It has held as many as 60 people for parties. 

According to the article, the Lainharts enjoy reenacting other historical eras, too, and are members of the L.A. area Sherlock Holmes society.  Lainharts, thanks so much for the delight you've brought us all. Long may the Red Dragon's Revenge sail the backyard seas of Burbank.

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