Friday, September 05, 2008

Foreclosures snapped up by...bobcats

Apparently, a family of bobcats have moved into some luxury foreclosed digs in Lake Elsinore. This is from a front page story on today's LAT, but unfortunately the on-line LAT didn't supply me with a link. Sorry. Anyway, there are at least two adults and three bobcat kittens living in the house. Wildlife experts say the cats gravitate to food and water, and this particular house has a koi pond in the back yard. The experts also say the cats will move on when the kittens are big enough to travel. According to the article, the neighbors don't seem to mind the new tenants, either. Personally, I think these animals are there because the got tired of trying to time the bottom of the r.e. market and know a good Inland Empire deal when they see one.

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