Friday, April 17, 2015

Pink car night in Studio City

I spotted these two pink cars last night in the space of 20 minutes last night.  My client and I were having dinner on the front patio of Laurel Tavern in Studio City when the first car, a Ferrarri without license plates, pulled up.  Of course it was driven by a beautiful blonde woman; this is L.A. The url on the side of the car said (no vowels, you can figure it out, I don't want any backlinks to or spam from any weird Russian websites). Of course, we googled the url and turns out that it's a p_rn site.  Hey, p_rn stars need burgers and brews, or whatever, too.
The pink stretch limo drove by shortly thereafter.  I don't think there was a connection between the two. But it was certainly unusual to see two such notable vehicles on the same stretch of road in a short time span.  I love L.A.!

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