Saturday, June 20, 2009

Yet one more reason that Burbank rocks: the Mayor is your parking valet!

Gary Bric, Burbank's mayor, is also the owner of Gary Bric's Ramp, a workingman's steakhouse and watering hole by the Hollywood Way/5 Fwy off-ramp. (Does this sound like the outline for a sit-com?) If you don't know the Ramp, you should. The non-descript building and paneled dining room have been offering up pretty terrific steaks, etc. at reasonable prices for a few decades now. And on Friday night, was Bric behind the bar, in the kitchen, or counting receipts? No! He was parking patron's cars! For hours! For free! With a smile and wave! (The parking lot is postage stamp-sized.) No, he was not accepting tips. Somehow, I just can't see Villaraigosa or Bloomberg doing this.

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