Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Extreme home makeover, Disney-style

Since Burbank is the home of Disney, it should come as no surprise that the city is also the home of some mighty Disneyesque architecture. For example, here’s 911 Harvard. This house used to look like this:
Then, it sold for $575,000 in 2003.
And now it looks like this:

Yup, pardners, there are lots of western touches inside, too. Frontierland, here we come!

That's not all. After the re-do, somebody bought it in either '06 or '07 for $1,375,000. It had originally been listed in ’06 for $1,899,000. You read that right. Now, it’s a short sale (coincidence that the street numbers are 9-1-1?) and has come down to $999,000. Unbelievably, It has been listed for 460 days. It’s hard to show – the seller was furious when I showed it on a recent Saturday (hey, my buyers were only in town for the day! – and they seriously considered making an offer on this! but made an offer on something else instead because, surprisingly, western kitsch is not quite their style). One would think upside-down sellers would be happy to have serious buyers consider their house. But no.

However, in keeping with our Disney architectural theme, I’m hoping that some brave Burbankian will soon turn their modest Burbank bungalow into Adventureland. I think Burbank could use some fake crocodiles and hippos.

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