Saturday, June 13, 2009

...And client Sheila's take on the La Crescenta showings (below)

Sheila and her husband, Paul, and I are hunting for a house for them. She was with me during the somewhat-odd showings in Montrose/La Crescenta and here is her hilarious take:

" [I] have not had a chance to chat with [Paul] about that Oakdale property with the $20,000 hand carved marble statuary fireplace and the valiumated guard dogs... It certainly has potential...But it is a lovely piece of property that went into the wrong hands, obviously. I really liked that area. I also liked the area over by Oak Circle, where I drove up to a vacant house for $799K after we split. However, the ... comedians were at it again, and placed travertine tiles from top to bottom along the corners of the front of the house, and, of course, a couple of columns (doric or ionic, not sure...) to let you know you are entering the Manse. Seriously though, WTF. These lovely little cottages all around it, all very just so. And here comes the new hybrid: cottage cum eastern european temple. But the travertine wasn't the highlight. No, leave that to the unique, and uniquely placed, brand new outdoor laundry room on the dining deck out in the backyard. Sip your margarita, watch the sunset, and oh - did you spill? - no problem, we'll just toss in the washer and dryer in our OUTDOOR LAUNDRY ROOM! Convenient for parties, because it doesn't have a door to jam your thumb in when you're already too soused to keep your drink in your mouth, which is why it's running down your shirt in the first place. Why, we can even sit here, sip our drinks and listen for the buzzer to tell us when your shirt is dry! I really need to do some kind of life, soon.

Please find me a house soon so I can stop this."

Girl, if you're going to be this hilarious, I might just have to prolong your agony just to keep laughing!

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  1. Great article and very informative about the real estate market in that region. Its the same out here in the east coast.