Monday, June 02, 2014

I work with a fabulous bunch of people. Heather, you are my hero.

Please read below from our manager, Susan Jacobs.  Heather Wexler, pictured above, is our administrator, any my hero.

You may have heard what happened last Friday at the office.  Heather and Michelle were outside at the front of the building when a woman riding a Vespa hit the curb and she minus the Vespa went sailing into the planter and wall of the building.  Lead by Heather, the office mobilized to help this woman . . . called the paramedics, got her cell phone and called her husband and MOST IMPORTANTLY stayed with her and spoke comfortingly and reassuringly until her husband and the paramedics came.   Heather checked on her progress on Saturday and the woman said she could not remember too much that happened but what she did remember was that she didn’t feel alone—that she was surrounded by people who were looking after her and comforting her.  Special acknowledgement to the following: Scott Nell, Steve Sax, Dion Tretta, Vicki Watson, Ian Marks, Joel Vendette, Michelle Mandel, Rose Fahey, Tony Catalano, Rose Osman, Kevin Driscoll, Michael Razak, Joel our Valet, Mary Baldwin.  Please forgive if I have forgotten anyone.  We all agreed on one other important thing:  If you ever find yourself in trouble, please be sure that Heather is with you.  Never seen a woman mobilize so fast!  She never noticed until it was all over that she had blood all over her pants.   Thank you to everyone who dropped what they were doing to lend aid.

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