Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Are you on yet?


Have you signed up for It's the new, private social micro-network for your neighborhood. You join to learn -- and post -- about neighborhood events such as gatherings, crime, lost and found things, school events, pets, etc. The site is FREE and advertising-free, plus it anonymizes your info so that all people see of you is your name -- they don't have your address or direct email unless you want to give it out.  You can choose to be connected to other close-by neighborhoods, or not, and there is no obligation of any kind.  You can apply on the site (they confirm your address), or one of your neighbors must invite you.

If you're in the Studio City - Woodbridge Park area, you're in my area.  Gary Steinberg, my Realtor-Partner for the area, has done a beautiful job in being lead for our area, and you may see us out meeting the neighbors in our 'hood too.

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