Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Just sold a Silverlake duplex. Termites did not convey with the property.

Client Mario just closed on an adorable, redone (i.e. flipped) two-on-a-lot property in Silverlake.  This was pretty thrilling as Mario had been looking to purchase property for a very long time and had lost out on several offers prior to this.

There was trouble about the termite report.  The main house was built in 1915 and the second house was built in 1920.  This is an OLD property.  Evidently, it had never had any termite work done, so the report came back at about $7000. Seller was not happy.  But it was no surprise to us – that’s almost 100 years of happy termite families raising their termite young, and so on.  Termites eat wood, and over 100 years, they can eat a lot of it. (And by the way, we’ve all seen much more extensive and expensive termite work.)

But at any rate, we came to an agreement with the sellers, deaded the termites, and Mario now has two charming houses to fill in one of the coolest Los Angeles communities.

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