Sunday, June 12, 2011

Property showings in Valley Glen, Toluca Woods and Burbank. And the nicest house is...

I showed a client homes for sale in Burbank, Valley Glen and Toluca Woods today.  We encountered no drunken neighbors today (see post from April) but I think that may have been a temporary Burbank phenomenon.  The nicest home, at 1311 Naomi in Burbank, is pictured above.  It's small, but cute, clean and updated.  It also has a permitted bonus room that could be used as a guest room. 

The runner up is 2707 Wyoming, Burbank and could have been a contender until we realized the upstairs has no bathroom.  And it has almost no yard.  For $490k. 

I continue to be impressed with the housing stock in Valley Glen that's between $400k and $500k. However, nothing ranked today, not even the flip that didn't have air conditioning. 

The only nice thing I can say about the other homes had a nice Wedgewood stove and cute pig statuary.  My very patient client and I couldn't get out of a couple other homes fast enough.  And by the way, brokers and sellers, it would be nice if you could try to eradicate the cat urine smell before you put a house up for sale.

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