Sunday, April 03, 2011

IMO, the L.A. Times is back! At least the biz section, anyway

Many of us were dismayed when the L.A. Times began to cut back on its editorial staff and pages a few years ago.  Personally, I missed the separate LAT real estate section and the L.A. Land blog, especially when the editor was the outstanding Peter Viles.  I turned to Calculated Risk and Gretchen Morgenson of the New York Times for my real estate and business news. Caveat: while I don’t have a really sophisticated understanding of all things finance, I do try to keep up with the news, especially about banking, lending and real estate.

But regular business columnists David Lazarus and Michael Hiltzik have changed my mind about the quality of the L.A. Times’ business reporting.  Both are outstanding writers and produce business news columns that are informative, topical and easy to follow for us regular folks.  I’ll never give up reading NYT’s Gretchen, and this isn't a smackdown, but Lazarus and Hiltzik make reading the L.A. Times biz section an educational pleasure once again.


  1. Hi Judy
    Both the Wall St Journal and NYT have nice RE sections but as we both know RE is local and that is why I prefer the LA Times, the daily news is a joke. As for blogs yours is the best.

  2. sfvrealestate5:09 PM

    Thanks, Alan!