Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hot Lava in Burbank! A salute to SFV architectural kitsch

(Cue B-52s "Hot Lava" song) I viewed this listing at 338 N. Griffith Park, Burbank earlier this week.  It has lots and lots of exterior and interior lava rock accents and is a wonderful example of whimsical San Fernando Valley architectural style.  The rocks have been used both outside in the wainscoting and inside at the fireplace.  I suspect the owners added these to this 1940’s home in the 1960’s after seeing "Hawaii" with Julie Andrews. Do you know anybody that loves bungalows decorated with volcanic rock? I know; me neither. But if you meet anybody, here’s the deal.  Although it is listed as a 3+2, it’s really a 2+2 (3rd bedroom is now an open den); square feet: 1289, redone and expanded kitchen with tile, not granite; new green carpet, sports bar-style patio, and terrific mid-Burbank location.  The price is $509,905 which may be a tad rich, but what do I know?  Now, if you could only turn this house into a tiki bar…

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