Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Great new LOL site! Lovely Listing by the folks who brought you Icanhascheezburger.com

From the folks who brought us Icanhascheezburger, here is: Lovely Listing - Odd Finds in Real Estate Listings. Yes, as you can guess from the pic above, these are, well, really interesting interior/exterior shots of houses for sale, captured from various multiple listing services.  Anybody can submit a pic, and anybody can caption one.  The caption here is: "Sometimes a man just wants to sit by the fire and think. And sometimes a man just wants to take a piss. And sometimes a man says “I just had the best idea… ” and dashes off to the plumbing supply store. ($50,000 and this 2-bed, 1-bath — I guess they’re not counting the living room — house in North Carolina is yours.)"  Personally, IMO, the big selling point is the debris on the floor.  I call this...SOLD!

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