Sunday, March 06, 2011

Sellers, please be aware: First time buyers are picky, picky, picky

Thank you, L.A. Times, for running this story about picky buyers. (Title should link, too.) Now maybe you'll believe me.  I experience home buyer pickiness all the time -- buyers are much more educated than in years past and are much more savvy about finishes, appliances, construction, cabinets, etc.  We can thank our favorite channel, HGtv, for this.  Plus, many buyers are completely financially stretched after purchasing and don't have the time or money for fix-ups.  So if you're thinking about selling your home, spending a little money on fixes and repairs -- and especially, thorough decluttering and cleaning -- can go a long way.  If you can't afford to make any fixes, consider making the price reflective of the current condition by, yes, lowering it.  If you're considering selling your Studio City, Burbank or San Fernando Valley home, please call me and I'll consult with you about the easiest, cheapest ways to maximize the look and condition of your home.

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