Monday, January 10, 2011

Burbank's Magnolia Blvd. now has three gun stores

How many gun stores does one Burbank street need? Lots, apparently. Magnolia Boulevard now has three gun stores within the mile between Victory and Buena Vista. Is there that much demand in that neighborhood? (I'd like to point out that there are only two bars in the same stretch of road. Probably a good thing, considered.) Is this what the Magnolia Park folks (the merchants association) had in mind? Is this what the city council had in mind? Is this the same city council that would not allow new restaurant establishments on the same stretch of road a few years back because patrons might park on surrounding residential streets? Um, priorities?


  1. Anonymous11:48 AM

    Of course, Ms. Graff posts a picture of a gun that isn't sold in California.

    In case you don't recall what happened in 1992, the only stores that weren't burned to the ground were defended by armed shop owners, not the police.

    The police abandoned their post at Florence and Normandie, and left a man to die.

    Yes, there is demand.

  2. sfvrealestate12:08 PM

    But, guest, don't you think three is too many in a one-mile stretch of a residential neighborhood? When other businesses selling other highly desireable products can't get city council approval to open in the same location?

  3. tallard12:25 PM

    The comment is correct;the M2 submachine gun is not legal in California. Does anybody need a 31 round clip for their Glock in California? That is legal and readily available.

  4. Anonymous12:35 PM

    It is really surprising that the City of Burbank allows such a plethora of gun shops and refuses to allow Neon Signs. Talk about priorities. Neon doesn't kill and neither do Neon Users. I would prefer to see more bars, upscale coffee shops, restaurants, massage parlors or book stores.
    Do we want Magnolia Park to look like the Wild West or Sleazeville?
    Imanon, Burbank

  5. Anonymous2:21 PM


    You cannot buy anything larger than a 10 round clip in California.

    But you can buy dozens of them!!!

  6. Anonymous2:25 PM

    I'd rather all the gun stores be in one area than spread all over town.

    I can't speak to why the Burbank council is so idiosyncratic - except to say that such behavior is common in most cities in California.
    Perhaps if the voters actually paid attention and cast their ballots based on logic and common sense, rather than on emotional appeal, we might have politicians who serve in the public interest instead of playing games with our tax money.

  7. Steve Fisher2:41 PM

    I wonder how many gun advocates have ever actually shot a human being or seen the results of what a bullet can do to the human body? Very few, I'm guessing. But like it or not, the sad fact is that guns are part of the American fabric and will always be around. Still, would it be so bad if crazy people (like Jared Loughner and Phil Spector) couldn't get guns quite so easily?

  8. Anonymous10:19 AM

    Steve Fisher:

    I wonder how many people who are afraid of guns have ever seen what a vehicle can and does do to a human body when an accident occurs or when someone choses to run over another person. You know people are at times charged with using a vehicle as a lethal weapon. How about steak knives and the fact they have been used in many murders do we ever think about what a steak knife can do to a human body ? Sound silly ? Not really because it realy is not the item that kills its the person who uses it to kill and people can always find something to kill or mame with if that's their intent.

  9. Anonymous10:00 AM

    If there wasn't a need, they would soon go out of business. I do wish there were more restaurants on that stretch however...

  10. Anonymous4:25 PM

    How about more strip clubs , bars and gun shops!!

  11. Anonymous12:27 PM

    No WHOLE FOODS, but 3 gun shops. Way to go Burbank!