Sunday, September 27, 2009

Two GREAT articles from today's L.A. Times

I know, this blog seems like just a clipping service for the L.A. Times. But today the Sunday business section has two great real estate articles.

The first is from Peter Hong and is titled Don't bank on the home as an ATM. It's full of all sorts of interesting statistics and facts about the housing market over the last several years. Personal story: I know somebody that bought a duplex with partners in 1994 for $200+k. She bought her partners out a couple years later. Two years ago she sold it for $1.1 million. But she had no profit as she had pulled every cent out of it by refinancing and spent it on god-knows-what. Don't be like her.

The second story is A primer for the first-time home buyer. Although it doesn't really pertain much to our home prices here, the advice is excellent.

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