Sunday, September 20, 2009

Studio City's Oyster House

If you live in or travel through Studio City, chances are that you've seen the Oyster House on Moorpark. If you haven't been there, you may have been put off by the kinda-seedy-tavern look of the place. Don't be. We went there last night and had a great time. Yes, it's about as un-Entourage of an L.A. dining experience as you can have. And forget the NYC "raw bar" experience. And it is also a neighborhood watering hole. But the food was really good, prices were extremely reasonable, and the service was terrific -- when was the last time that all of the wait staff in a restaurant came over to thank you for stopping in? It was packed with a very convivial crowd too. And then there were the complimentary shots of homemade peach schnapps...

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