Wednesday, June 10, 2009

La Crescenta showings, livestock and locked-up models

I showed two homes on Oakendale in La Crescenta early this morning. The area is absolutely beautiful. If you’ve never been there, it has lots of old-growth trees and verdant hillside views. La Crescenta is known for good public schools as well. And you pay for that old growth and decent school system.

We had showing appointments at both homes. The first home had a nice layout. The owner extensively remodeled it and it is now a short sale. The seller owns the quietest Rottweiler and German Shepard that I’ve ever encountered. This home is listed for $729k, has 3 beds & two baths, and is about 1800 sf.

Then it was down the street to 2912 Oakendale (pictured), listed at $739k. Nice layout. Nice dog. Nice view of the wash and the Verdugo mountains. That’s it for the nice. The housekeeping was extremely poor and I don’t think the garbage had been taken out recently. This four bed, 3 bath house had one bedroom locked up so we couldn’t see it. We thought somebody might be in that room, which is not exactly an optimal showing situation. The listing agent later told me there indeed was a 20-yr-old model in that locked room. Sorry, but locked-up models do not add value to a home for sale.

None, I repeat none, of the toilets were flushed, which is totally disgusting. People, if my clients and I are going to set our alarms and travel to specifically see your home in order to maybe pay three-quarters of a million dollars for it, can you please flush? But I digress. There was a cloth cord tied to the foot of one of the beds. Hmm. A rifle leaned against an outside patio wall – take that, woodland creatures! The Tiki Hut barbecue is used to hold tools, paint, tackle blocks…There were some cute little kangaroo rats (yes, really; see the picture) playing in the ivy next door.

And the listing agent tells me the sellers will not accept anything less than full price. Good luck.

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