Sunday, September 28, 2008

The names have been changed to protect the equity

A 3 bedroom, 1 bath, character home recently listed in Burbank. I'm very familiar with this house. I met with the owners back in December when they asked me to prepare a comparative market analysis and determine a sales price for them. They contacted me because I had sold the house next door to them a few weeks before.

The owners/sellers were originally from the East coast. She was a stay-at-home mom, and he was a top executive at a prominent local institution. They didn't really like Burbank and were thinking of returning to the East coast. They had owned the home for about two years and had done some nice upgrades to it. I told them that I thought I could get about a maximum of $700,000 for the house. They were unhappy with that price and believed the house should sell for much more.

The house is now on the market with another Realtor, nine months later, for $499,000. It is a preforeclosure short sale. The neighbors tell me that it has been vacant for a couple of months.

It appears that these folks just walked away from their home and mortgage. Knowing what I know about the sellers, I don't believe there was significant financial hardship; they just didn't want the house anymore and couldn't sell it for what they paid for it. So, they're sticking the bank with the tab, and lowering their neighbors' value/equity in the process.

This price is significantly low for the excellent neighborhood. The house may draw multiple offers and go for over the $499k; I hope so for their neighbors' home value sake.

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