Thursday, March 13, 2008

LAT, Downtown and the Valley

There are some interesting stories in the L.A. Times today. The first, on the front page, is about the glut of brand-new downtown lofts. The story is extensively posted upon at both and LAland.

The second story covers Adam Carolla's view of the San Fernando Valley, complete with "best ofs." Here's a quote from Adam about the usual progression from the Westside to the Valley: "People move here...They get themselves an apartment on the Westside. It's $2,500 a month and they have a roommate...They like to walk to their local coffee shop and say they'd never move. Eventually, they get a little bit older and they say, 'I guess I need to think about buying a house, I'm 37'...Five years go by...because they can't humble themselves to move to the Valley. This is the point where they move...and that's how people end up in the Valley."

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