Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Burbank Sober Living in My Office

Further to all the sober-living posts on this blog: Today during my weekly office meeting, I learned that there was a community meeting recently to complain about the particular house on Clark Street in Burbank. At least one of my co-workers attended, and said there were 50 people there, including 3 city council members. There were differing opinions on whether a sober-living home lowers surrounding property values and endangers the neighbors. I say "no" to both of those. I spoke about my own neighbor situations (we've had bad ones [see posts below])(3/11/08-oops, update: although I've spoken about my family situation, I just realized that neglected to talk about neighbors in my previous posts. That's updated in the comment here. Sorry) and also my family situation, and I also suggested that my co-workers look at the numerous posts on this issue here.


  1. Okay, here's the deal with my neighbors. Seven years ago, the family that lived right next door to us was evicted because their teenage son and his friend were caught hiding weapons on our property, not to mention vandalizing the place. The parents seemed well-to-do and weren't alcoholics. On the other side of us is an apartment building. The apartment right opposite our house has Section 8 tenants. We've had no problems with the current occupants of that unit. The prior occupant was a lady who engaged in some kind of ritual thing that involved a lot of fire. Guess how we found out about that? Yet, I still really like my neighborhood. It just goes to show: you really don't know your neighbors, unless you want to.

  2. Anonymous5:48 PM

    Thank you Judy.
    I am a addict with 14 1/2 years clean. I love my life and my self.
    Thanks to the to the god of my understanding and the 12 steps.
    and with help of addicts like Kanoa
    I am now living the dream. A productive member of society. I went from homeless to home-boy to home owner. I am blessed. and proud to be a recovering addict.
    sincerely Tim Kavanagh.

  3. You're doing better than I am my friend, I am still recovering.

    Fabian Olesen