Saturday, August 11, 2007

Shootings in our Little Burbank!

There was a triple murder-suicide on my block this past Thursday. It was a neighbor-against-neighbor dispute, in a large apartment building, and at least one victim had nothing to do with the dispute. Family members were witnesses. Putting aside the issue of gun control, what does this say about urban density? In particular, the growing density in my neighborhood? (Okay, I'm a NIMBY.) Sure, this could be looked at as an isolated incident. But each week the police log in the Burbank Leader lists at least one crime "incident" on San Jose, a block away. As we all know, San Jose has become extremely overbuilt in the last two years and the number of people living in the neighborhood has soared. But the City planning staff member that I spoke to in April insisted at the time that there's no statistical correlation between density and crime. Oh, really? Tell this to the other neighbors who were in the bullets' paths. This shooting is just more fuel for my developing anti-growth sentiments. Incidentally, most of my co-Realtors are pro-growth.

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