Friday, June 22, 2007

Only in Hollywood...uh, I mean Burbank - CELEBRITY GOSSIP!

Got a call yesterday from my client, the seller of a middle-Burbank home. "It has finally happened," he said. "My iPod has been stolen." I read the lockbox (now I know what these fancy electronic gadgets are for) and determined that only one Realtor, and her clients, and their kids, had been in the house that day. Called the Realtor. Warned her about her clients. She said she'd check it out on her end.

As an aside: thefts happen very infrequently during listing periods. It's usually done by some opportunistic teenager. And it's why I nag and nag my clients to hide small valuables.

The other Realtor called back. She and her buyer clients confronted one of the buyers' kids and obtained a confession. They planned to come back to my seller's home, return the iPod and apologize. Turns out the bandit was not a teenager, but a little girl! Not only a little girl, but a little girl tv star, as my seller discovered when he opened the door.

Anyway, there was a wonderfully touching note of apology, tears and plenty of contrition from the child and the parents, too. And, of course, the iPod was returned. And of course my seller forgave her. Now, if I had only somehow made the house's sale to the buyers a condition of the forgiveness...


  1. good story with a good ending! Yes, I would have also preferred making the sale one of the conditions.

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