Saturday, June 24, 2006

For your listening pleasure

My website has a new feature -- an iMix. Yes, like many others, I'm an iTunes fanatic. I created a real-estate related mix of songs that I hope home buyers and sellers will find enjoyable. It's been published on iTunes and is called House Hunters/Real Estate mix.Please let me know what you think -- I had so much fun doing this that I'm sure I'll put together another one and I'd welcome your suggestions.


  1. Awesome RE imix -- what a cool idea!

  2. With such a progressive website and your obvious interest in music, I'm amazed that there's no reference in your website for prospective buyers of the first-rate cultural arts in this media mecca. The Burbank Philharmonic Orchestra draws more than 1,000 folks from Burbank and the surrounding area to their concerts and has been referred to by the Mayor as a treasure in this City. I would think realtors would want to be connected to such amenities as they make a community truly desirable.

    Thank you.

  3. What a great way to inspire real
    real estate transactions. As a Burbank local, I certainly want to see real estate prices stabilize. A new angle like this might be just what the market needs in Burbank and other local areas.